Weinig Dimter Packaging Days – Chop & Rip

Huge volumes of goods are transported around the world every day. To get them safely from A to B, packaging methods such as pallets and crates are becoming increasingly important to the distributor.  To produce packaging materials efficiently, suitable manufacturing machines and a precise production planning system is essential.

DIMTER – a product unit of WEINIG – specialized in cross-cut saws and gluing presses for solid wood processing.  For over 30 years we have advised industrial and craft producers in these areas.

During the DIMTER Packaging Days we will present everything around the manufacturing of wooden packaging products and pallets. You will be able to listen to experts and you will see how lengths and widths are cut and how cutting processes are optimized – all for your perfect packaging.

We cordially invite you to join our Packaging Days on September 14th and 15th 2016 in Illertissen, Germany where we would like to show you exciting new options on productive packaging manufacturing for your business.

We look forward to welcoming you!


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Some of the highlights include:

Optimized cutting by the WEINIG DIMTER software tool OptiPal
Hard or softwood, planed or not – WEINIG Dimter crosscut saws cut every type of wood and what is more – the OptiPal optimizing software offers:
• improved production processes
• increased material yield and
• higher level of transparency in the production process

High-speed cutting line with three OptiCut 260
You will see a high-speed cutting line for a fully automated pallet production.
Machine arrangement: Destacker unit and three through feed saws OptiCut 260.

First-time demonstation: Pusher saw OptiCut S 60 with Flex+-aggregate
• The Flex+-aggregate allows width and length cutting on one machine
• Saving of costs and space, efficient production
• The integrated full-optimization guarantees an efficient timber yield
• Tracking of parts via outfeed monitor

OptiPal software image


Machines that will be demonstrated:

DIMTER – Cross-Cutting and Gluing

  • Automatic length stop system EasyStop
  • OptiCut C 50
  • OptiCut C 700
  • OptiCut S 50
  • OptiCut S 60 with Flex+ aggregate
  • OptiCut S 90 with pack stacker
  • OptiCut S 90 Superdrill
  • OptiCut 260
  • OptiCut 450 Quantum
  • ProfiPress L II
  • ProfiPress T Next Generation
  • OptiPal and other software and marking solutions

Raimann – Ripping

  • Moving blade rip saw VarioRip 310
  • FlexiRip with FlexiCut

Luxscan – Scanning and Optimizing

  • Scanner EasyScan+ integrated with an OptiCut 450 Quantum


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