C.R. Onsrud Incorporated


C.R. Onsrud’s manufacturing legacy now spans 5 Generations beginning in 1915 when they built the world’s first “Jet Motor” (air turbine) hand router. Since that day, the Onsrud family has become synonymous with cutting materials.

Virtually every aircraft built for the war effort in WWII had parts made on Onsrud routers. Most of those machines are still in use today! Almost every M-1 rifle stock built in the Springfield Armory was made on an Onsrud machine. It is difficult to walk through any major furniture plant worldwide without finding an Onsrud machine in service.

In 1976 Onsrud raised the standard again when they patented the “Inverted Router™”, an idea and a machine that revolutionized the woodworking industry, increasing safety and usability. Today Onsrud CNC routers are quietly revolutionizing the concept of value by giving you the best-performing machines in the industry at a cost that our competitors say is not possible.

As always, someday everyone will offer the innovations C.R. Onsrud has already introduced, but you can have them today from the innovators.

The C.R. Onsrud line of CNC machines include:

C.R. Onsrud | M-Series
C.R. Onsrud | T-Series (Tech)
T-Series (Tech)


C.R. Onsrud | G-Series (Pro)
G-Series (Pro)
C.R. Onsrud | G-Series 5-Axis (Pro)
G-Series 5-Axis (Pro)


C.R. Onsrud | S-Series (Single-Table)
S-Series (Single-Table)
C.R. Onsrud | S-Series 5-Axis (Single-Table)
S-Series 5-Axis (Single-Table)


C.R. Onsrud | C-Series (Super Duty)
C-Series (Super Duty)
C.R. Onsrud | C-Series 5-Axis (Super Duty)
C-Series 5-Axis (Super Duty)


C.R. Onsrud | E-Series (Extreme)
E-Series (Extreme)
C.R. Onsrud | E-Series 5-Axis (Extreme)
E-Series 5-Axis (Extreme)


C.R. Onsrud | RH-Series (Roller Hold Down)
RH-Series (Roller Hold Down)
C.R. Onsrud | HM-Series 5-Axis (Hybrid Mill)
HM-Series 5-Axis (Hybrid Mill)


CH-Series 5-Axis (Compact High Rail)
CH-Series 5-Axis (Compact High Rail)
C.R. Onsrud | HR-Series 5-Axis (High Rail)
HR-Series 5-Axis (High Rail)


C.R. Onsrud | X-Series 5-Axis
X-Series 5-Axis
C.R. Onsrud | Q-Series 5-Axis (The Qube)
Q-Series 5-Axis (The Qube)


C.R. Onsrud | Specialty Machines
Specialty machines, including dual gantry, multi-head, extra long, extra wide, and more…

C.R. Onsrud is located in Troutman, NC and specializes in:

  • 3-Axis CNC Machining Centers
  • 5-Axis CNC Machining Centers
  • CNC Routers
  • CNC Mills
  • Inverted Pin Routers

Some of the many industries who have invested in C.R. Onsrud machines include:

  • Plastics Routing
  • Hard Wood Routing
  • Panel Processing
  • Solid Wood Routing
  • Aluminum Milling
  • Steel Milling
  • Composite Machining
  • FRP machining
  • Composite Mold Making
  • Alloy Milling
  • Superalloy Machining
  • Cabon Fiber Machining
  • Carbon Graphite Machining
  • Door
  • Stair
  • Window
  • Custom Millwork
  • Transportation
  • Recreation Vehicles
  • Aerospace

A selection of C.R. Onsrud CNC videos.

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