New Weinig Powermat 1500

WEINIG Powermat 1500

Weinig Powermat 1500

Weinig Powermat 1500: The new moulder for optimum profitability

At the Holz-Handwerk show in Nuremburg Germany, Weinig launched a brand new moulder called Powermat 1500. This machine was designed from the ground up, and incorporates over 110 years of moulder design experience into a machine that is more user-friendly, faster to changeover, and even more precise.

Ultimate design, perfect processing down to the last detail, typical WEINIG: with the Powermat 1500 WEINIG offers an exceptional machine as a standard model. Behind every high performance machine there must be a design concept that puts you in a leading position to control costs, guaranty scheduled delivery times and cater to your customers’ wishes. With the Powermat 1500 you will experience the full capability of a WEINIG moulder.


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With this exceptional state of the art machine standard the Powermat 1500 offers outstanding ease of use and a maximum of profitability. Decades of experience have influenced the development of this machine. Supplemented by useful extras the Powermat 1500 can be perfectly adapted to your individual needs. The result: a machine coping even with challenging applications and delivering top quality. The scope of applications even goes beyond the processing of solid wood only.

The outstanding accessibility of the Powermat enables all adjustments to be performed from the front side of the machine with ease – a large number of these are even wrench-free. Through the clear view and practical layout of the operating elements within the enclosure the operator’s safety is ensured. During production the access door of the Powermat is locked according to safety regulations. Through the large window a full view of the working area is assured.


Weinig User Friendly

All the necessary settings can be made from the front. This increases safety and saves time!


Weinig Time Savings

Reducing setup and idle time allows for frequent tool changes or short production runs.


Weinig Texturing

The revolutionary PowerLock tool clamping system, PowerCom machine controls and 3D texturing.


Weinig Surface Quality

WEINIG Powermat 1500 accuracy guarantees precise profile production & optimal surface quality.


Weinig Accuracy

The legendary WEINIG quality is a reflection of our immense experience in building moulders and their components.


Weinig Sustainability

WEINIG machines offer long service lives, with high reliability and safety, plus energy efficiency.


Weinig Resource Efficiency

The Powermat 1500 uses energy efficient IE3 motors & a new concept for the dust extraction system.


Weinig Precision

If you want to produce the same profile again at a later date, the controls retrieve the setting values.


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