Thibaut North America

Since 1959, Thibaut has been designing, manufacturing and selling machines for machining all types of natural or agglomerated materials, including Granite, Marble, Limestone, Concrete, Glass, Engineered Stone, Slate, and Ceramic. With extensive experience and specialization in polishing, cutting, and milling machines, Thibaut provides a wide range of machines for the stone industries.

Thibaut products include machines for:

Countertops: Machines for all types of work in granite, marble or quartz materials: Counter tops, drain boards, vanities, decorative panels, solid stone sinks and more.

Monuments: Machinery for manufacturing of granite monuments : headstones, tombstones, closers, base plates, and window boxes.

Building and Landscaping: Machines to achieve elements in limestone, blue stone or marble for historic monument façades, balusters, cornices, low reliefs, fountains, basins, bowls, flagstones, paving stones, curbstones, fireplaces, and sculptures

Architectural Concrete: Machinery for flat polishing, texturing, and engraving on precast architectonic concrete, façade panels, urban furniture, concrete stairs, and borders.

Other Industries & Materials: Machines for all types of materials such as glass, refractories, staff, ceramic, and composite materials. Capabilities including cutting, shaping, polishing, boring, machining, and texturing.

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